How To Choose The Best Vendor For The Atal Tinkering Lab Setup?

There are many vendors that the schools can approach for the Atal Tinkering lab setup. Choosing the best vendor depends on factors such as the background of the company, the amount of help and support they are providing to their client schools, and what additional equipment they are offering apart from all the four major packages. 

Each ATL school is required to set up ATL, inaugurate and make it operational within the 3 months’ time after receiving the grant-in-aid money. 

It is mandatory for all the schools to purchase all the ATL related equipment as per the ‘ATL Equipment List’ 

Before starting, let’s discuss the guidelines that every vendor needs to follow while delivering the ATL equipment to the client school in the next section. 

What Are The Guidelines Which Every Vendor Needs To Follow For ATL Equipment?

After the delivery of the equipment, it is mandatory for all vendors to provide the required installation and equipment training to the schools. This training consists of teaching the Principal/ATL -In Charge/faculty members about the best practices of handling and using the equipment at no additional charge.

Apart from these listed below are the guidelines that every vendor needs to follow:

1. A 2 years of comprehensive warranty at no additional charge must be provided to the school by the vendors. In case the school needs any kind of repairing of any ATL equipment, then it is the duty of the vendor to provide a replacement for that particular equipment till that is fully repaired. 

2. One thing all vendors need to remember is that the delivery time should not be more than 2 months. The vendor needs to clearly indicate the entire timeline of delivery of packages, installation, and training in advance. 

3. A 3 year comprehensive AMC must be provided by the vendor that must indicate the terms and conditions. 

4. The schools can spend a maximum amount of Rs. 7,00,000/- (Rupees Seven Lakhs Only) on all four packages + Advance kits. Please keep in mind that the total quotation for all four packages + Advance kits should not exceed Rs. 7,00,000/- (Rupees Seven Lakhs Only). 

5. At the time of purchase of equipment, it is mandatory for the vendor to provide all the necessary documents for verification by the school. Also, they need to ensure that the authorized signatory must sign the required documents.

6. It is the responsibility of the vendors to maintain a supply chain of consumables and other necessary items for 5 years. 

7. It is mandatory for the vendors to clearly indicate both itemized prices and package-wise pricing and provide a clear and detailed specification and brand name of all the ATL equipment.

To know more guidelines related to the vendors, click here

Why Choose Tinkerly As Your Vendor for ATL Equipements?

Tinkerly follows all the guidelines that are mentioned above and it is the registered vendor on Govt. E-marketplace(GeM). Tinkerly has helped 500+ client schools across India to set up Atal Tinkering Labs. 

Listed below are some of the best features offered by Tinkerly to its client schools:

1. Tinkerly Provides Good Quality Course Curriculum For Client Schools

The course curriculum for client schools is prepared by the team of IITians. Every topic and concept is designed in such a way that it will amplify the skills of the students and give them early exposure to innovative technology like IoT(Internet of Things), Rapid Prototyping, Design Tinkering, etc. The students will experience the thrill of hands-on learning with this play-based course curriculum. In this way, the students will get a chance to bring out their true potential. 

2. ATL Lab Set-up & Maintenance

We have a dedicated team of trainers that takes care of ATL lab setup and maintenance. These trainers also provide training to faculty members of the schools on how to handle the ATL equipment by providing a 3-day training. Our Trainers also encourage young minds to participate in National level events such as ATL Marathon to showcase their talent and creativity by engaging with them. 

3. Dedicated Team for Help & Support

Tinkerly has a dedicated team that works exclusively for their client schools and manages their queries and assists them if they are facing any kind of issues. The team guides client schools from registration to the final stage of filling out PFMS. The team also provides Online & Offline support to the client schools. The trainers at Tinkerly also motivate and give project-based guidance to the students. 

4. Company Background 

Tinkerly is an edtech company founded in 2015 that focuses on cultivating future innovators with the help of their interactive STEM learning kits, coding courses, and STEAM learning app- Let’s Tinker. Tinkerly is a reliable company that is an all-time part of the indicative list of vendors by NITI Aayog. It is a listed vendor on Govt. E-marketplace(GeM).

5.  Provides Quality Products

Tinkerly does not compromise the quality and safety of their equipment. They procure the best quality products from world-class brands like Stanley, Bosch, Taparia, Luminous, Flashforge, etc that go through several levels of testing. 

6. International Presence

Tinkerly’s STEM learning & coding courses have benefitted over 150K+ students across India, Middle East, and North America.

7. Additional Packages For Client schools

Tinkerly has a wide range of interactive STEM learning kits that fosters hands-on learning among the students and reduces their overall screen time by almost 50 percent. If the client schools demands, Tinkerly offers these STEM learning kits to them by providing the necessary user guide and training. These kits multiply the fun and enhance the learning outcomes of the students. 


In this blog, we have discussed the guidelines that every vendor needs to follow during the delivery of ATL equipment to the client schools. We have also discussed why choosing Tinkerly is the best choice for schools as a vendor by highlighting its offerings to its present client schools.  For more detailed information, click here. 

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