Channel Partnership Program

Tinkerly is a reliable company that has been an all-time part of the indicative list of vendors by NITI Aayog and is a listed vendor on Govt. E-marketplace(GeM). Join Tinkerly’s Channel Partnership Program and get all the requisite resources and guidance to grow your business by earning more. Tinkerly is a valued name in the market and has been awarded by the state government for its efforts of modernizing the conventional educational system in India. Partnering with Tinkerly will surely be a milestone for you and the exposure your professionals will get is unmatchable. We always believe in a win-win outline and you will experience it with us.

Why should you choose to
partner with Tinkerly?

Easy to Start

Tinkerly’s wide range portfolio for STEM (End to end solution) is easy to deploy for the schools. This is an advantage for our channel partners as schools from every corner of the country can deploy the solution.

High Demand

ATL (Atal Tinkering labs) instill innovative traits in students through tinkering activities. Therefore, many schools are interested in setting up such labs in their schools.

Government Funded

The Government of India gives funds to schools for setting up Atal Tinkering lab. The schools don’t have to pay anything on their own.

Market Credibility

Registered vendor at GeM (Government E-Marketplace) platform, Tinkerly is the valued name in the market and has been awarded by the state government

Once you are with us,
What you’ll get

Good Margins

We provide the best in the market margins to our channel partners

Guidance & support from professionals

Work with a dedicated team of sales support and co-marketing initiatives.


For any issue that is encountered by the schools regarding the lab. We will take care of it. Channel Partner does not have to take that burden.

Grow your business

Boost sales with go-to-market opportunities that amplify your brand exposure and generate leads.


To become a channel partner it is mandatory to have a network with at least 100+ schools or higher in a particular region. The individual should also have good connections with the school management of at least 100+ schools in the region.

No, in case of any issue or support required regarding ATL then the company will take care of it. There is no role for channel partners in case of any issues or support requirements.

To become our channel partner no initial Investment is required. You do not have to pay any capital investment. In order to know more please fill out the below enquiry form.

Yes, If you have a large team then you will get a chance to get responsibilities of more regions.

We expect that you must have a team of Sales representatives who can reach out to schools. Your team must have good command over the regional language or local dialects of the particular region for which you are applying for channel partnership. Also your team must be aware about the topography of the region.

How To Become a Partner ?

Tinkerly provides a hassle-free inquiry form, for you to reach them. You will receive a call from us to discuss the Partnership. 

Fill the below form. We’ll help you with any of your queries.