What is the Best Way for Students to Master Their Coding Skills?

If you have a passion for programming and want to bring your innovative ideas into reality with the help of writing a well-defined program, then you need to get good knowledge about the fundamentals of programming. By doing so you will be able to get a good understanding of how things work? and by using that knowledge build innovative tangible projects that will help to solve real-life issues and make our lives better.

Given below are the various ways using which the students can master their coding skills:

1. Choose a Programming Language

You can start your coding journey by choosing Visual block-based programming language first such as Scratch to learn skills like logic building, creative thinking, problem-solving, etc. that will help you throughout your life. First, get a good grip on it. Once you understand all about it, then transition to any text-based programming language such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc. It is recommended to start learning to program with Python programming language as it consists of an easily readable and concise syntax. In comparison to other programming languages, python has less code to memorize thus the programmers are less prone to mistakes.  

Python consist of pre-built libraries for Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence: For example,  Pybrain, scikit, PyML for machine learning & for AI(artificial intelligence) it has EasyAi, SimpleAI, AIMA libraries. 

2. Basic Knowledge of Programming Fundamentals 

There are many important concepts that you need to learn to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of programming, we are discussing the 2 most important concepts among them all down below:

Data Type: According to the Wikipedia definition of Data Type, In computer science, a data type is an attribute of data that tells the compiler how the coder intends to use the data. It is a very important concept of programming. The most common data types consist of Integer, Character, String, Boolean, etc. 

For example, 

To use the String Data type in Python we can use a single quote or a double quote:

Result Displayed will be: Tinkerly

Result Displayed will be: Tinkerly

Function: A function is defined as a block of well organized, reusable code that is used to perform a well-defined action. Many different programming languages used various terminology for functions such as methods, procedures, subroutines, etc.

For Example, 

Python has the following code to call a function:

Result Displayed: Welcome to Tinkerly

Apart from the above-mentioned concepts, in order to master your programming skills, you need to be aware of some other important programming concepts as well such as knowledge of writing Algorithms, data structures, variables, Classes, Objects Oriented Programming, Loops, Array,  Conditional Statements, etc. You have to understand the entire data flow of the program so that you will get a deeper understanding of any programming languages. 

To know more about the Important programming concepts read this informative blog.

3. Practice to use a proper syntax

Many new programmers get syntax errors while running their programs because they have used some improper syntax in their code. The first thing to do is memorize the rules and regulations about the syntax of any particular programming language. Python has a simple syntax from any other programming language so you can start from there. Another thing that you need to consider is adding comments in your code. It will help you and others figure out what is happening in the code. Also, you can try to write meaningful names in your coding. The name is termed meaningful if it answers the 3 basic questions such as what is the purpose of it?, Why it exists? and how it can be used in the program?

For example, Let’s understand the whole concept with the help of an example:

int D; // number of employees

Given above is a name declaration of a variable which reflects nothing about the 3 basic questions we talked about above and does not reveal it’s intent.  So, a better and good variable name would be:

int number_of_employees;

The above-written code is revealing the intent and is making your code more concise and easy to read. 

4. Join an Online Coding Course 

If you need a mentor that can guide you and provide you with practical knowledge of how things work out in programming, then there are many online coding courses available all over the internet. Tinkerly offers the most amazing Online AI, IoT, Coding Classes which provides a Recorded-cum-Live One-on-One session blended with STEM toys for the classes of 1 to 12. 

The one-on-one online classes are delivered by graduates of top tier institutes(IIT & NIT alumni). These amazing Tinkerly’s Coding Classes are not limited to Live tutoring but also provide the facility of self-paced learning for the students with the help of recorded lessons that are available on the Let’s Tinker App. You need to download the Let’s Tinker App from the Google Playstore

All the recorded lessons are available on the Let’s Tinker App which is a STEM learning App consisting of a goldmine of STEM Knowledge. For the purposes of doubt solving the student can ask their queries by using the support section of the Let’s Tinker App. Also, the expert educators will be conducting a dedicated Doubt Solving Live Session at a regular interval of time which also comprises revision of previously learned concepts along with containing a brief-up about the upcoming session. 

To know more about Tinkerly’s Online Coding courses, read this informative blog that will give you an insight into it. 


We have discussed in this blog about the various ways using which the students can master their coding skills and how they can get good guidance by the expert educators by enrolling in the Tinkerly’s Online AI, IoT, Coding classes. In a nutshell, good guidance coupled with self-paced learning via online coding courses will help students learn the programming concepts in a better manner and will open the door of good future job opportunities.   

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